Complete System Evaluations, from Hardware to Software. Servicing your Equipment at your Location or at Ours. Systems Administration as well as Hardware & Software - The Complete Maintenance Program

System Maintenance...

REAL Server Monitoring
REAL Consultants has written a Custom PERL Application that monitors your servers from a different point of view. NetIQ, MOM and the others are only as effective as what you request the applications to monitor. We report Events that are not requested, things that can show up that you don't even know about. Every time Microsoft patches an Operating System new EventIDs are added. We find those and report them as they develop. The Database of Approved EventIDs have been built from live production servers from our labs and current clients. This allows us to bring knowledge from all our customers to you. The Database files are updated weekly.

How many times have you called another company and heard that their computer systems are down! Poor Systems Maintenance! It affects you, their business and their customers. Don't let it happen to you!

Systems Maintenance means a lot things to different people. Some companies believe it means just cleaning the keyboard and monitor from everyday dirt and grime. Some believe it is opening up the computer and vacuuming it out. There is much more to Systems Maintenance then that!

To REAL Consultants it is the Physical and Logical Maintenance that keeps your systems running. We believe that your Programs, Data & day-to-day Systems Administration for your computer systems needs more maintenance then the actual hardware. The hardware is important but you can always replace the hardware. It is the Programs & Data that is the hardest to replace. That's where we come in! Please contact us for more info.

Capabilities - Proven

Hardware Maintenance
Covering all computer equipment - Servers, Tape Devices, Storage Systems, Computers, Monitors, Keyboards and even Mice! We service all your equipment not just our Systems!

Software maintenance
Covering all aspects of your software & data - Upgrades, Licensing, Service Patches (fixes) Configuration Issues & most important Critical Update Patches for Security Holes.

On-Site & Remote Systems Administration
May companies are too small to hire their own System Administrators. We can Administrator your systems on a contract basis or as needed. We even can maintain your systems remotely (which saves you time and money). All our Administrators carry phones and laptops. We can dial-in to your systems from anywhere and trouble shoot your problems when you are having trouble. We can even remotely Administrator them at night when these systems are not being use during normal business hours.